AT Community of Practice

We are entering an time of great uncertainty as our nation works to confront COVID-19 and all the ways this virus has impacted our daily lives. In order to facilitate an AT Community of Practice, ATAC has scheduled the following virtual events in order to promote sharing and problem solving.

Session recordings will be archived on the ATAC YouTube Channel

AT Town Hall: How do we embrace change and adapt? During these uncertain times, many schools are moving to remote instruction. What does that mean for students with disabilities? How do we ensure that remote instruction is accessible to all students? How can we continue to meet the needs of students who require assistive technology? What do we do about providing related services (OT, PT, SLP) to these students? This is an ever evolving situation and we certainly don’t have all the answers but let’s come together and brainstorm effective solutions. Check out (and add to!) the crowd sourced Google Document with ideas / strategies and questions regarding supporting students with disabilities in these challenging times. Go to:

Mike Marotta, Director, The Richard West Assistive Technology Advocacy Center, NJ

ATAC NJ Is proud to coordinate this important community-building project.

Read the AT3 blog post highlighting the work done in the AT Town Halls

MAY 2022

May 23 @ 12:00-1:00PM (EST) Registration-Special Event-Reflections: Join us as we reflect back on the past year the wins, the losses, what we learned, and how to improve next year. This will be the last AT Town Hall for this year. We will start again in September.

May 30th- Happy Memorial Day and Enjoy your Summer!

AT Town Hall: Race and Diversity in AT and AAC– The focus of this discussion will be assistive technology and diverse populations. How do we deliver effective, quality services to diverse populations who require assistive technology? How do we recruit and mentor more diverse AT providers? The session will be moderated by Christina Royster (Speech-Language Pathologist, Montgomery County Public Schools, MD) and Marvin Williams (Director, Disability Resource Services, CSU Stanislaus)

New Date Coming Soon!

Watch the recording of our previous AT Town Hall: Race and Diversity in AT and AAC

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