AT Reuse

Richard West ATAC is committed to promoting the “re-use” of AT. This is  important to consumers and family members because of the increasing numbers of individuals who need equipment, have limited or no access to assistive devices and can benefit from the abundance of used equipment currently available that is no longer in use by the consumer. There maybe many reasons why a person is no longer using the AT it could be that they have outgrown the device, there was never proper training on the device, death, etc. Rather than toss the device in a landfill which is in itself useless. Richard West ATAC Center believes in re-purposing AT.

This program gives the opportunity for those who need AT to obtain it for free or at substantial cost savings. 

Take a tour of the center and see how much they have to offer and then learn more about all Goodwill has to offer.

To learn more visit Goodwill Home Medical Equipment .

ATAC Partner Goodwill Home Medical Equipment Recognized as one of New Jersey’s Recycling Leaders

Goodwill Home Medical Equipment was one of nine businesses, organizations and individuals recognized by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection as a state leader in recycling.

GHME was recognized as a leader in Source Reduction/Resource Management/Sustainability

Read the NJDEP Press Release to learn more about GHME

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