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9/25/20 12:00PM-12:30PM Eastern: Learning @ Lunch: Relay Conference Captioning (RCC) in New Jersey


This webinar will introduce Relay Conference Captioning (RCC) service in New Jersey.

The RCC enables New Jersey residents to actively participate in conference calls, video meetings, and webinars. With RCC, you can read live captions via a web browser on your computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. You have the option of either speaking or typing to communicate with the other attendees. This service is designed for people who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind, or those with a Speech Disability. There is no cost to use the service for people who live or work in New Jersey.

If you would like to see what the captioning looks like please use the following link 

The RCC captions website will automatically open via the web browser.  Enter your first name and click “Continue”. You may have to drag this tab into a separate browser window and move it to the right side of your computer screen so that you could see Zoom and RCC captions side-by-side.

Or, if you prefer this, click the Zoom link for your computer screen and click the RCC link on your smartphone.

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9/29/20 12:00PM-12:30PM Eastern: Learning @ Lunch: Digital, at-home education program for students with Autism and cognitive related disabilities.


This webinar will introduce you to Avail Support – a remote support platform for your students.

The avail program provides digital, individualized teaching of goals noted in educational plans for exceptional students with Autism and other cognitive related disabilities. The program will be supported by educators, to enable them to address the educational needs to those who are most at risk, difficult to support, and require more personalized approaches. The digital program will adhere to and support best practice guidelines relating to COVID-19, supporting the educational needs of K12 students with Autism and other cognitive related disabilities
· Provide continuous learning relating to IEP’s and Transition Plans
· Each digital profile will have practical educational content and goals which will focus on functional life and employment skills, which can be practiced at home and monitored by educators and Avail
· We have developed a turnkey curriculum which can be offered and implemented at scale, and further personalized to meet each student’s needs

Kevin Askew,Vice President and General Manager
TechXtend Profile: Corporate | K-12
NJ K-12 Exclusives:

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