Tips for User Friendly Documents, Presentations, Websites

Kermit the frog saying "you say accessibility is important to you, in a video that is not closed caption"

Often times people think that making materials accessible and user-friendly to all is lots of extra work. Let me say it is not. If you follow these 10 rules upfront you are on your way for user-friendly materials for all to enjoy!

  1. Use pre-formatted headings, bullet points, list, tables and charts
  2. The layout is logical to the user (not the developer)
  3. A user can use the keyboard to navigate throughout the website
  4. Use San Serif fonts and at least 12 pt. font size
  5. Use alternative text for images, tables and charts
  6. All colors contrast with each other
  7. Avoid WordArt, Drop Cap, Text boxes
  8. Avoid using URL’s and the phrase “click here” “more information”
  9. Caption all videos
  10. Use the built in Accessibility checker

To learn more on how to make your materials accessible and useable to all check out these resourses:

The accessibility problems of today are the mainstream breakthroughs of tomorrow”.

 Eve Andersson, lead engineer at Google
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