Vision Statement

ATAC envisions that the state of New Jersey values all its’ constituents with diverse abilities to be included in all that the Garden State has to offer and demonstrates this through it actions by offering Assistive Technology (AT) so that they can partake in all activities as fully as possible.

Mission Statement

ATAC ‘s mission is to increase awareness, access to and obtain AT devices and services for New Jersey residents of all abilities so they can live, work, and play as independently as possible in the fashion of their choice.

In advancing this mission, ATAC will do the following:

  • Offers educational programs in person and online to promote public awareness of AT to the whole of New Jersey
  • Short term loans of devices to see if it meets the needs
  • Demonstrations of AT devices and training of AT
  • Offer resources on how to obtain funding for AT

Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed.     Nhat Hanh

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