Byte Size Lunch Series


To catch up on past webinars and register for future one go to Rutgers Community Living Project Webinar page.

From the smart phone in your pocket to smart home thermostats, assistive technology is everywhere! But it can sometimes feel hard to know how or where to start exploring all the options and putting them into practical use. Thankfully, we’re here
to help people with and without disabilities explore high, low, and no-tech solutions

What Weʼll Talk About:
In easy-to-understand ʻbite sizeʼ lunchtime conversations, we’ll show how to use these solutions in the home, the office, and in the community! Each 45-minute session will highlight one specific topic, demonstrate tools, and leave plenty of time to answer
your questions. Come explore the possibilities for yourself and others. You can register for one, two or more sessions. See the registration links at the top and bottom of flyer!’

Upcoming Webinars

June 1, Aug 3, Oct 5, and Dec 7Assistive Technology Open Mic

Do you have an Assistive Technology question or suggestion? The microphone is all yours!  This is a great opportunity to learn from each other, so bring your questions, suggestions, and join the conversation.

May 4, July 6, Sept 14 and Nov 2, Tech it Out! AT Device Demonstrations

Want to see a variety of assistive technology devices in action? Register for these free assistive technology webinars. Experts from The Richard West Assistive Technology Advocacy Center (ATAC) will demonstrate devices, apps, and software to improve or increase a person’s abilities.

Past Webinars

May 5- Tools at Your FingerTips (Built in Accessibility Features)

June 2, 2022 – Smart Home Technology

July 7, 2022 – AT for Executive Function

August 4, 2022 – Creating Accessible Materials

September 1, 2022 – Incorporating AT into Classroom Settings

October 6, 2022 – Supports for Individuals Who are Blind / Visually-Impaired

November 3, 2022 – Supports for Individuals who are Deaf / Hard-of-hearing

December 1, 2022 – AT for Medication

January 5, 2023 – AT for Physical Mobility

February 9, 2023 – Low Tech 3-D Printed Solutions / Non-3D Solutions

March 2, 2023 – Introduction to Augmented and Alternative Communication

April 6, 2023- Assistive Technology Open Mic

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