At Richard West Technology Center we are committed in providing the best services and resources that we can to the clients that we serve to have the greatest impact and get assistive technology in the hands of people that need and can benefit from the technology. We keep data to show the impact of our services. Below is the data that was collected from the 2 previous years (2019 & 2020)

Provided Opportunities to Trial Assistive Technology

606 persons borrowed a total of 1290 devices from the lending library.

Provided Opportunities to Demo AT through loans and expos, education events

2142 persons participated in 2450 AT demos exploring devices to identify products and features that will meet their needs.

Provided training and presentations about AT through conferences, webinars, social media

6633 individuals participated in 499 trainings and events

Provided gently used equipment/devices

4028 individuals with 8283 pieces of equipment /devices

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